An Affair only Love Understood

A love story touching the elements in nature and the unique balance and relationships among them.


There are somethings that only Love Understood and no else did. We all know love exists in ways we may not agree with. Taboos around love are socially conditioned. Taboos are pleasures we desire, which are reined in considering social isolation. Nevertheless, behind those closed doors, under the spread out sheets and in the dark corners of our mind, they thrive and we continue to indulge in them. The key to harvesting the best of happiness is to accept most people as they are without judgment preconceived notion. It is what it is. And it is beautiful just the way it is. It is an affair only love understood.

There are many elements in the Galaxy, amongst those, there were these five who were in proximity to each other. They experienced love and affinity to each other very differently from we are conditioned to understand Love. No wonder, we…

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