Let It Go – What is That It that We Can Let Go

I have heard this phrase “Let it go” and always wondered what it meant. The pain when someone walks away from your life without even a backward glance, makes you wonder, what is ‘it’ that holds people together. And if we let ‘it’ go, what will remain!

Let ‘it’ go
Everyone says multitude of times
What is ‘it’ ?

Someone please explain
Is ‘it’ just something mundane?
Or something important

Is ‘it’ a person?
Someone you love and cherish
Is ‘it’ an emotion

Does one survive
When ‘it’ goes really far
Leaving vacuum behind

Does one breathe
When ‘it’ shuns you away
Rudely and brashly

Does one pine
For ‘it’ to come back
Hoping and Wishing

Let me go
‘It’ whispers in my ears
I look up

‘It’ is flying
Farther and farther away
Out of reach

I stretched high
Trying to hold ‘it’ back
‘It’ slips away

Calling ‘it’ out
Loudly with tears streaming down
‘It’ continues flying

Never looking back
Ignoring the cries of pain
‘It’ moves on

Will ‘it’ be back?
Eyes always on look out
Sunrise to Sundown

Waiting for ‘it
To find it’s way back
Just heal my heart

Kaali Kathan

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